Casting Call

We are looking for New Jersey based Black actors for the upcoming bicoastal production of Black Terror! Please see the Character Breakdown below and go to to submit your headshot, resume and for instructions on submitting your video audition.

The Deadline for Submissions is Monday August 23rd, 2021 at 11:59pm.

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Black Terror Casting Breakdown

Nzingha: Late twenties or early thirties. College Education. Strong, well-muscled, and stern. He speaks in soft tones.

Ahmed: Somewhat younger (20s). Full of fire. Could be a good leader if he would calm down and check things out.

Keusi: Full name, Keusi Kifo (“Black Death”). He is in his mid-to late 20s and is a war vet. He is always a man who knows whereof he speaks

M’Balia: (mid-to late 20s): name for M’Balia Camara, a Black woman who is known in Africa as a woman whose death was one of the sparks of the Guinean drive for independence from France. The sister is strong, determined, and a devoted revolutionary. She is not unfeminine, but displays her womanness only when she feels it suits her.

Geronimo: (early to mid-30s): A fiery revolutionary. Leader of the local chapter of the American Liberation Front. Quick-tempered; a flair for the dramatic. At times he seems almost unreal.

Chauncey Radcliffe: Middle-aged (40s). A moderate Black man who thinks he is doing the right thing.

Others: Three brothers, a sister, other members of the Black Terrorists, and white-sounding voices coming in over the radio.

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