10-Week Introductory Ballet Program

David Tamaki – New Jersey Ballet Director of Advancement

Newark Symphony Hall is proud to partner with New Jersey Ballet to offer free dance classes and other opportunities for underserved youth in and around the Newark area.

  • Wednesdays / 4:30-5:30 PM EST
  • March 2 – May 4, 2022
  • Price: FREE
  • All classes will take place online via Zoom

Submission Deadline: Extended to Friday, February 25, 2022

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Program Eligibility

The New Jersey Ballet x Newark Symphony Hall Ballet Program is designed for students:

  • ages 8-12
  • of any skill/experience level
  • affected by financial barriers to arts education*
  • living in or near Newark, NJ
  • able to attend classes online via Zoom**
  • with an interest and/or passion for movement

*Is this me?

Arts education is a privilege. This program aims to increase the accessibility of high-quality dance training by eliminating tuition and registration fees and prioritizing underserved and low-income students.

If you or your family:

  • receive or qualify for public benefits (i.e. SNAP, WIC, TANF, etc.)
  • are under- or unemployed
  • have significant debt
  • do not have access to other arts programs
  • live in public housing or are homeless

This program may be for you! The above list is neither all-inclusive nor exclusive; it is simply meant to help identify some of the circumstances that underserved and low-income students may face. If you have any questions, please contact vbriones@newarksymphonyhall.org.

**Required Tools

All attendees must have access to:

  • Internet service
  • Device with camera that can connect to the internet
  • Adequate space for movement (teacher will offer modifications as necessary)
  • Something to hold onto (i.e. back of a chair, a wall, a countertop, etc.)

If any of the above are barriers to you, please contact vbriones@newarksymphonyhall.org.

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Class Guidelines & What to Expect

Dancing in a virtual space can be difficult in many ways. Your health and safety are the most important priority. The following list is to help you prepare for a successful and enjoyable class!

What You Need

  • You will need enough room to move, with a clean floor to prevent injury. With your arms outstretched, try to make sure you have at least a couple feet of space on all sides.
  • Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in. Fitted clothing helps your instructor see what you’re doing.

Zoom Etiquette

  • Please keep your camera on and focused on your body. Your instructor may ask you to re-position your camera for certain exercises.
  • Please keep your microphone muted when not speaking.

About the Class

  • All open classes are at the introductory level. No experience necessary.
  • Class will consist of “barre” (stationary exercises) and “center” (free-moving exercises), ending with a cool down and/or “reverence” (closing sequence).
  • For “barre”, you will need a waist-high support that you can hold onto (i.e. railing, back of a chair, countertop, etc.)
  • Your instructor will demonstrate each exercise and explain the technique of each step.
  • Exercises will be relatively short, so that they may be quickly memorized and performed.
  • Your instructor may offer feedback throughout the class- either to individual students or the entire group. Corrections are compliments!

Take Care of Yourself

  • You are welcome to take breaks at any time.
  • All bodies are unique! You may need to modify some exercises, and that is okay!
  • Feel free to ask questions. Simply unmute your microphone or type in the chat to ask.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water during and after class.


After class, you will receive a link to a survey. Your responses will help us plan future classes. If you have any questions or comments that weren’t addressed in class, you may include them there.

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